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AstaREAL® : Raw Material of Realikare

It’s the world’s leading astaxanthin branded ingredient for human health and personal care. Astaxanthin is related to other colourful members of the carotenoid family such as lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lycopene, but that is where the similarity ends. Astaxanthin’s chemical structure allows it to uniquely span and protect cell membranes and other similar structures against lipid attack by quickly neutralizing reactive oxygen species (a.k.a Free Radicals).Astaxanthin is documented with high potencies for neutralizing oxygen radicals. For example, it is 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E or 40 times more powerful than beta-carotene against singlet oxygen radicals. Furthermore, astaxanthin has been classified as a “pure anti-oxidant” unlike other popular carotenoids which may show “pro-oxidative” characteristics under certain conditions. Astaxanthin’s potent antioxidant properties give rise to a number of health related benefits. Randomized, double-blind placebo controlled studies using AstaREAL® astaxanthin on human health are rapidly gaining worldwide interest. These include studies which may offer improvements to visual health, physical endurance, stomach health and many more*. Find out more why AstaREAL® astaxanthin should become part of your own branded nutritional supplements or anti-aging products.

The AstaREAL® Advantage
- AstaREAL® astaxanthin is manufactured by Fuji Chemical Industry from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae.
- Fuji is the world’s most vertically integrated producer of natural astaxanthin for human use.
- AstaREAL® astaxanthin is cultivated in ultra-clean BioDome™ system in pristine Maui, Hawaii and state-of-the-art photobioreactors in environmentally friendly Gustavsberg, Sweden.
- Fuji is committed to industry and consumer promotion of AstaREAL® brand worldwide. Watch for education seminars, sponsorships, consumer articles and advertisements.
- AstaREAL® is the most studied brand of astaxanthin in the world for applications such as muscle endurance, eye fatigue, diabetes type 2, gastric health and more.
- Fuji has sponsored more research on astaxanthin health applications than any other producer.
- AstaREAL® is derived from Haematococcus pluvialis. H. pluvialis is the leading source of natural astaxanthin in more than 300 peer reviewed research publications.
- Fuji is the leading patent holder related to the use of AstaREAL® in human health.
- AstaREAL® products are guaranteed with high potency, quality and stability.
- Fuji backs the AstaREAL® brand with more than 50 years experience of pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control.
- AstaREAL® is approved as a dietary supplement in the US, Europe and Japan.
- Fuji supplies AstaREAL® to more than 20 countries and formulated in numerous high profile supplement and cosmetic brands.
- AstaREAL® is the brand you can trust.

Microalgae : An untapped resource for health and nutrition
Astaxanthin represents the pinnacle of advanced microalgal biotechnology products for human health. Despite microalgae appearing 3.5 billion years ago, humans have only begun to tap the potential renewable resources from microalgae. For example, a handful of other commercially available algae products include Spirulina, Dunaliella, and Chlorella. These are usually regarded as foods since they are ingested whole whereas Haematococcus pluvialis is a special case. Haematococcus is cultured in special devices in order to obtain the high value added carotenoid called astaxanthin.  Commercial microalgal technology traditionally uses natural lakes or outdoor artificial ponds called open-pond raceways to cultivate large quantities of microalgal product. However, the physiology and complexity of Haematococcus requires a new level of sophistication and environmental process control. Even after harvesting, the technology doesn’t stop there because astaxanthin needs be extracted and processed into a form that is optimal in both bioavailability and stability

The Car Analogy
In terms of product choices, Astaxanthin is like the car. Even though each brand or model is made of the same plastic and metal raw materials; it is how cars are put together and then tested for performance; reliability; quality and safety. This precedence sets one manufacturer apart from another so in short, not all astaxanthin products are created equally

Unique Production Systems
Fuji invested millions of dollars to cultivate natural microalgae called Haematococcus Pluvialis in Gustavsberg, Sweden in unique closed-bioreactor systems. These closed systems effectively stimulates the optimum conditions for astaxanthin production that yields the highest quality and minimises risk of contaminants. Fuji Chemical Industry adds value to the raw material ingredient by offering higher potencies and unmatched physical properties to suit your need for creating better products. Not all natural astaxanthin products are the same.
AstaREAL® astaxanthin is derived from Haematococcus pluvialis is produced from Fuji’s enclosed mass-culture systems which generate the highest quality, purity and consistency of astaxanthin in the world.

Indoor PhotobioReactor, Gustavsberg, Sweden
The lack of Swedish sunlight didn’t stop scientists from developing an indoor production system which is loosely based on traditional fermentation cultivation apparatus. Operational since 1994, this system has proven to be robust and delivers high quality biomass containing astaxanthin.


Intellecual Property
We’re Pioneering the Use for AstaREAL® Astaxanthin
The table below summarises the Fuji intellectual property list for the human and animal health areas for AstaREAL® astaxanthin.

Patent Description Application Area US Pat# WO Pub#
Medicament for improving the failure of accommodaton (Eye fatigue) Visual Performance Pending 02/094253
Muscle endurance and treatment of disorders Sport and Mobility 6,245,818 99/11251
Prophylactic and Treatment for H.pylori Stomach Health 6,262,316 98/37874
Treatment for dyspepsia Stomach Health 6,923,967 00/23064
Inhibiting inflammatory cytokines and chemokines Anti-Inflammatory 7,078,040 01/72296
Immunomodulation-autoimmune diseases,chronic viral and intracelluar bacterial infections TH1/TH2 Immune
6,773,708 01/24787 A1
Gene Regulation Agent Diabetic Type 2 Kidney Disease Pending 2005/074907
Composition for body fat reduction Reduction of BMI Pending 2006/059730
Improves quality of semen Fertility 6,410,602 99/29313
Astaxanthin containing pet food Pet Health Pending 2005/058064
Increasing immunoglobulin rich milk, production and use ther Maternal Nutrition 6,475,547 99/30700
Prophylactic Treatment for mastitis Maternal Nutrition 6,335,015 99/3070
Increasing production animals(mammals) Live Stock Farming 6,054,491 97/35491
Increasing poulty production Poulty Farming 5,744,502 96/08977

AstaREAL® Astaxanthin Clinical  Studies
AstaREAL® astaxanthin is a cut about the rest by offering specific, functional health benefits. Scientific peer-reviewed publications based on AstaREAL® astaxanthin has been the brand’s strength in human health applications because no other astaxanthin ingredient has been tested in so many clinical studies. As the pioneers of astaxanthin for human health, we are compelled to lead the field of astaxanthin research in humans and to create innovative products which deliver the maximum health benefits of astaxanthin or the “best bang per buck”.