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  • What is Astaxanthin and where can we find Astaxanthin?

    Astaxanthin is a type of Carotenoid families, easily found in natural; it is a red color which we found in salmon meat and egg, crustacean (shrimp, crabs), caviar and Microalgae haematococcus Pluvialis.

  • How does Astaxanthin work?

    Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant to inhibit the oxidation reaction of ‘singlet oxygen”, a high toxic form of active oxygen/ free radicals, and inhibit lipid peroxidation in human body.

  • What is the different between Astaxanthin and other anti-oxidant products?

    Astaxanthin is a super anti-oxidant when comparing with others i.e. having antioxidant potency stronger than other anti-ixidants as the follows
    6000 x Vitamin C
    800 x Co Q10
    550 x Vitamin E
    550 x Green tea catechins
    75 x Alpha lipoic acid
    40 x Beta-Carotene
    17 x Grape seed extract

  • What are benefits of astaxanthin for health?

    Skin health: Reduce fine wrinkles , improve elasticity.
    Eye health: Reduce eye fatigue and improve visual acuity.
    Muscle health: Increase muscle endurance and reduce muscle damage.
    Gastric health: Improve gastric health.
    Lower risks associated with cancer, heart disease, strokes and diabetes

  • Are there side effect reports for taking Astaxanthin for long period?

    Astaxanthin is very safe for human because it has been part of human nutrient for over thousands years with no reports of negative side effect.

  • How long do we need to take Astaxanthin in order to notice the change?

    Depending on quantity of free radicals in human body and health status of each person.

  • Who should take Astaxanthin? Who should not take Astaxanthin?

    Astaxanthin is suitable for all person who want good health

  • What ‘ s recommend dosage for health benefit.

    For general health 2 mg./day
    There are clinical trials in human for other health benefits as follow
    For beauty & skin 4 mg./day
    For Eye 5 mg./day
    For Muscle 6 mg./day

  • Can we take Astaxanthin with other type of supplements?

    Yes, you can

  • Dose Astaxanthin obtain approval from FDA Thailand?

    Yes. Registeration no. 10-1-04741-1-0339 , 10-1-04741-1-0639